Grants are usually given in a quinquennial cycle (once every five years). Applications for the Cathy Pelly Trust will be open again in 2020.

You can use the Contact form to add your email address to our notification list. We can then email you when we are open to applications.

Sample application form

For information and planning only, we include the application form and other details below. Please do not send us your completed application yet;  applications sent before the opening date will not be considered.

Applications open: Date to be announced

Applications are either to be submitted using the form below, or to be made in writing to:

Raymond Pelly, Trustee
The Cathy Pelly Trust
12 Kio Crescent, Hataitai
Wellington 6021
New Zealand

Applications close: Date to be announced
Shortlisted Applicants will then be contacted to arrange either a personal or a telephone interview.

Online Application Form

Please enter your details and enquiry below. We will be in contact with you as soon as we have evaluated all applications.
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