Raymond Pelly

Raymond Pelly, Trustee
Raymond Pelly, Trustee

Raymond Pelly, father of Cathy, is the founder and longest serving Trustee of the Cathy Pelly Memorial Trust. Originally from England, Raymond has lived in New Zealand for nearly forty years. A retired Anglican Priest, he was Warden of St.John’s College, Meadowbank, Auckland from 1977 – 1984 and then Priest Associate at Wellington’s Cathedral of St.Paul. He is married, and lives in Wellington.


Barbara Craig

Barbara Craig, Trustee
Barbara Craig – Trustee

Barbara Craig is an educational researcher at Victoria University of Wellington with an interest in children’s and young people’s uses of digital technologies at school and in the home. She is a long – serving member of trusts working for digital literacy and involved in initiatives that help all young people and families in underserved communities to benefit from the internet and digital media. She is married with two adult children.

Tom Pelly

Details to come.

Frances Yamada

Details to come.

Marcus Adams

Marcus Adams is a professional photographer who has recently moved to New Zealand from England. He was a classmate of Cathy Pelly.  More details to come.

Trust Deed

View the Cathy Pelly Memorial Trust Deed (PDF, 5 MB)